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The latest in Nat’s Debunking series “Debunking you Thyroid” is now available. Nat has been touring with this latest lecture and of course it was only a matter of time before an E-course was created to enable everyone to be

Mel Steps it Up


Since early November our very own Mel Ambrosini has been on the road touring Australia with her “Step it Up” live event alongside her close friend and fitness coach, Christian Miranda.   The two have taken women across the country to

Debunking Ovulation – Online


What if what you had been told about ovulation and fertility was wrong? What if all those years ago in sex-ed, your teacher really didn’t outlay “the birds and the bees” as it really is? This is what sparked me

Time for a Break


Well, that’s it for another season of healthtalks.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun! It’s been a jam packed series; we’ve gone from visionboards to cervical cancer, dangers of the pill as well as intuitive eating and cleansing to

That Abnormal Result – our Solution


Yesterday we wanted to create some new awareness around pap smears and abnormal results leading to cervical dysplasia.  We’re back today with a bit more about what to do if you find yourself in the situation of an abnormal test

Cervical Dysplasia

servical displasia4

Today on healthtalks we explore Cervical Dysplasia and what you might consider if your pap smear comes up abnormal. Lola touches on the importance of nutrition, Adele and Nat both share of their experiences and Nat brings things back to

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Quinoa & Nori Wraps


Today as usual, we’re following up on yesterday’s post and this week it was Ethical Eating. As Lola put forward many of the ideas and seeing as we haven’t shared a recipe in a while, we thought we’d ask her

Ethical Eating – it’s Easy


It might look like Lola is about to do magic or something – but she isn’t.  Today the girls get into Ethical Eating. Because here at healthtalks we’re super keen to support not only our bodies, but our environments too. 

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