healthtalks originally set out to be an innovative and unique concept in networking the blogs of highly successful wellness experts, supplying weekly segments that enrolled the audience to a wider point of view.

Over time, healthalks has evolved into so much more.  We are now a stand alone entity that delivers wellness information by way of video segments, injected with flavorsome health information.  It is fresh, exciting and engaging with our audience interacting through comments and opinions here on the website as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Initially conceive to create and supply video clips through the established blogs of our expert panel, the first segment of healthtalks aired in October of 2012.  We’re now underway into series 3 and keen to see where the future will take us.

A big part of healthtalks is the comments and feedback that come from viewers. We want to hear what you think, whether it’s a single line or half a page. It’s your thoughts and ideas help us drive healthtalks in the direction you want us to go in as well.

You can watch healthtalks on your computer, your mobile phone or your tablet and you’ll never have to get home at a set time or have to program the VCR to see us.

Our blogs:

Nat – Melbourne Natural Fertility

Adele – Vegiehead

Jess – The Wellness Warrior

Mel – Path to Wellness

Sam – Food Health Wealth

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