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Quinoa & Nori Wraps


Today as usual, we’re following up on yesterday’s post and this week it was Ethical Eating. As Lola put forward many of the ideas and seeing as we haven’t shared a recipe in a while, we thought we’d ask her

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Ethical Eating – it’s Easy


It might look like Lola is about to do magic or something – but she isn’t.  Today the girls get into Ethical Eating. Because here at healthtalks we’re super keen to support not only our bodies, but our environments too. 

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Eating Styles – More Information


Yesterday we visited the idea of ‘mindful eating’ which many of you have loved the idea of implementing.  In fact one viewer loved it so much she took the time to tell us her thoughts.  And here at healthtalks we

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Eating Styles – Each to their Own


In seasons one and two we visited the different eating styles of our hosts.  Since Lola and Adele are the new kids on the block, we were keen to hear their approach to nutrition and eating, since they both have

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Time for a Break


So the time has come for us to take a break.  We’ve spun out 16 episodes in a row and it’s now time to put into practice some self love and R & R. This week – we don’t leave

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Organic Food – Sam’s Summary


I’ve been running my global organic cooking school for over 14 years and have witnessed the rise of organics and also the trends that follow. Here are a few of my observations and points of interest for our Healthtalks audience.

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Organic or Not


This week Jess, Sam and Nat sit down and chew through an organic versus conventional food discussion. It’s a topic you may have seen in the media – we’ve been lead to believe that the whole notion of organic foods

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A message from Sam


In the follow up to a huge week on quinoa, Sam’s put together her take on quinoa and why we need to be careful not to eat too much of it. We’re also heading back into the kitchen with Jess

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I’m the Mad One


You may have picked up the fact that not all of here are totally keen on Quinoa. Yes it’s me, Nat! When it comes to Quinoa, I have a wow of a time trying to digest that little seed.  You

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Mad about Quinoa


This week we’re Mad about Quinoa and so Sam and Mel kick things off by sharing a bit of its history, where it comes from and why its super good for your insides.  Then in true healthtalks fashion they get

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