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Easter Eats


Here at healthtalks we love Easter treats and both Sam and Nat featured some mouth watering delights on each of their sites this week. Perhaps you’ve seen them already and we know you’ll agree, they simply must be shared! Sam

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Something Warm


Yesterday we shared a couple of Sam’s raw delights. Many of you have already worked out that your body does better with warm or cooked foods and so as promised here’s our cooked recipe for the weekend, It’s Nat’s Buckwheat

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Sweet Raw Reward


Following on from our raw versus cooked food debate this week, here’s a couple of delectable raw deserts courtesy of Sam that will take you well into this well earned weekend. For those of you who love living in the

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The Debate Continues


The raw versus cooked food debate has sparked great discussion as the girls yesterday nutted out their own thoughts and ideas on raw versus cooked foods. As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I’m still waiting to meet an amazingly healthy raw

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The Naked Truth about Raw Food


This week it’s a round table discussion lead by Sam on the long standing raw food debate. Each of those in the discussion have their own views on the best way to tackle the issue.

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Why you need Sea Vegies


Our Oodles of Noodles salad on Tuesday wasn’t just all about the noodles.  You may have come across some wicked sea vegetables you hadn’t yet heard of.  Here at healthtalks we want you to have all the tools to go

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Oodles of Noodles


Are you into seaweed? Dulce, Arame. Hijiki and Wakame all get a run in this weeks segment. Also you’ll see how to use zucchini in a new way when Sam shows us how to make noodles out of them.

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Making your own Fermented Foods & Probiotics


Following the introduction to Probiotics and Fermented foods a couple of weeks ago (you can find that here), we headed back to the Trupp Cooking School this week to find Dorota’s husband Walter. He demonstrated how to make a few

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How to make Probiotic Foods


Dorota Trupp set the scene a couple of weeks ago and now we’re back with Walter to show us just how easy it is to get started with Probiotic & Fermented foods. If you missed the first part to this

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Probiotics & Fermented Foods


By the time we’d completed the segment of healthtalks with Dorota Trupp, we just knew that there’d be a number of questions you’d want us to answer. So we had Dorota put together this summary of Probiotics and Fermented foods

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