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Why I Eat Clay


On my blog, I’ve spoken about how drinking a spoonful of clay in water is part of my daily morning routine.   Yesterday, you may have seen just how simple it is and by far, the quickest detox trick around.

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Let’s Eat Clay


Across this current series of Healthtalks, Jess & Mel have outlined their morning routines as well some of the individual parts of it such as Oil Pulling, Body Brushing ,Meditation and the Coffee Enema. This week Jess presents another element known

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Probiotics – More to come


In case you hadn’t noticed (where have you been?) this week we’ve been mesmerised by probiotics . As we had anticipated, the response has been huge and so we thought (in true healthtalks fashion) we needed a couple more tricks

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Probiotics & Fermented Foods


By the time we’d completed the segment of healthtalks with Dorota Trupp, we just knew that there’d be a number of questions you’d want us to answer. So we had Dorota put together this summary of Probiotics and Fermented foods

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healthtalks We Love your Guts


The subject of Probiotics is a hot one and this week we’re off and away with the first of a number of segments on this important topic.  Dorota Trupp is an expert on Probiotics and introduces Nat and Mel to

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Beet Top Tea

Beet Top Tea

Those of you who were with us way back before we posted our first segment will recall the development of our relationship with the Beetroot. There’s one in our logo remember (no it’s not an onion!) and of course Sam

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Jess Ainscough – The Coffee Enema


Right after we introduced ourselves a couple of months ago, one of our first “action segments” was when I introduced you to the Coffee Enema.  This really is one of my favourite and most used methods of detoxification and judging

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Coffee Enema Time

After all the introductions it’s time for our first information segment where Jess shows Mel & Nat that OTHER use for coffee.

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