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Mel Steps it Up


Since early November our very own Mel Ambrosini has been on the road touring Australia with her “Step it Up” live event alongside her close friend and fitness coach, Christian Miranda.   The two have taken women across the country to

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Debunking Ovulation – Online


What if what you had been told about ovulation and fertility was wrong? What if all those years ago in sex-ed, your teacher really didn’t outlay “the birds and the bees” as it really is? This is what sparked me

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That Abnormal Result – our Solution


Yesterday we wanted to create some new awareness around pap smears and abnormal results leading to cervical dysplasia.  We’re back today with a bit more about what to do if you find yourself in the situation of an abnormal test

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Cervical Dysplasia

servical displasia4

Today on healthtalks we explore Cervical Dysplasia and what you might consider if your pap smear comes up abnormal. Lola touches on the importance of nutrition, Adele and Nat both share of their experiences and Nat brings things back to

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The Pill


Yesterday we visited the topic of The Pill where Nat had a lot to say and Adele also shared of her experiences with it.  Because we know how much you love information, here’s an earlier excerpt from Nat’s blog on

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Contraception or Deception


Did you know that thousands of pregnancies occur whilst women are taking the pill? The pill isn’t as affective as we are lead to believe.  And whilst we are told it is completely safe to take, it is only now,

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A Good Cleanup


Yesterday Lola and Nat worked through their thoughts on cleansing and from the response here and on Facebook there’s a lot of interest in the topic. Nat’s been running cleansing programs via her site for two years now and with

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The Cleanse Debate


We’ve visited oil cleansing, enemas as a way of cleansing the liver, along with other detoxification techniques like oil pulling and tongue brushing.  But we’ve never dived into food cleansing. Both Lola and Nat are huge fans of a good

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Bikram Yoga – More Information


We hope you enjoyed yesterdays segment from Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale.  In true healthtalks style, we wanted to give you the rundown on Bikram Yoga. Here’s some interesting information adding a little more from from Bridget had to say in

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Bikram Yoga – It’s HOT


Today we’re coming to you from Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale.  You’ll see Lola in her absolute element as she shows Adele and Nat what Bikram is all about. We debunk a few myths about Bikram too when we talk about

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