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More to learn from Dr Sellman


We wanted to reiterate Sherrills’ message from yesterday’s interview – so we’ve highlighted some key points from an article she’s written some time ago. ” When it comes to the menopausal years, it seem that women are as confused as

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Menopause Myths


Today on healthtalks we’re very excited to bring Dr Sherrill Sellman to your screen.  Sherrill is a hormone expert, a naturopath, a writer, a psychotherapist and most importantly a wealth of information. Sherrill is currently touring Australia sharing her message

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IUD’s There’s more to say


In this weeks healthtalks segment, Nat outlined the IUD and as she said, it’s a topic that’s not all that often discussed. Today Nat follows up with a few additional points to ponder on – The Mirena IUD is an apparatus

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IUD’s The Good & Bad of it


This week on healthtalks Nat sits down with Adele to talk IUD’s.   Because we want to set you up with as much information as possible to make an informed decision, this episode is a must watch for all women

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More about Oil

More OIL_Site

Seems we’re all keen to find out more about oil cleansing!  It was fun to deliver this weeks segment to you and it seems your hungry for the in’s and out’s of it all. So as usual, we’re back today

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Oil – More than just Salad Dressing


Seems we’re mad for a drop of oil.  If it isn’t in our salad dressings, we’re oil pulling and today we are back with another use for our favorite liquid. We’re here to talk Oil Cleansing! If you haven’t discovered

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A few Facts


The topic of Eating disorders is certainly not a new one but it’s often one that isn’t discussed or identified. According to a report on the ABC late last year, almost 1 million Australians have been diagnosed with an eating

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Looking Beyond Eating Disorders


This week Nat and Lola join us in a discussion into the reality of Eating Disorders and how you can help to turn your life around.

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More from Jaquie


Did you take a listen to the chat with Jaquie Evans that we posted yesterday? We covered a number of topics in our discussion and to follow up on that, Jaquie has been kind enough to send through even more

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Love the Skin you’re In


Hope you’re not missing us too much during our much needed break.  As promised though, we’re not leaving you flying solo when it comes to health information over the next few weeks. This week, Jacquie Evans from Jacqueline Evans Skin

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