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Next Tuesday

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Next Tuesday


One of our very own hosts has had their personnel battle with an eating disorder. Be sure to join us Tuesday for a discussion into the reality of her illness and how you can turn your life around. Even those

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Vision Boards


Vision boards have been used widely as a way to keep your dreams and goals in the forefront of your mind. They can be a mixture of words, pictures, photos, drawings; really anything that evokes an emotion in you. The

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You Need a Vision Board


We hope you’ve missed us on our break.  We’re delighted to be back with Season 3 along with some new faces and new topics around wellness. At healthtalks we want to inspire you to think deeper about your own health

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Series 3 – as Awesome as Ever


We’re almost back for season 3.  We hope you’ve missed us over the break but we know that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  And so with this in mind, we hope you too will be busting to get back

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Introducing guest host #2


Some of you guessed it!  We’re delighted to be able to introduce to you our second guest host – Adele Vegie Head!  Adele will join the panel for season three alongside Lola Berry and our regular host Nat Kringoudis. We

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Introducing our guest hosts for Season 3


We’re super excited to share with you our guests (hosts) for season 3 of healthtalks.  First kid off the rank is the charismatic Lola Berry!  If you haven’t met Lola before, take a read of what she is all about.

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As you’ve no doubt read, healthtalks is evolving and we’re taking on a slightly new direction in the upcoming season, so I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you, our audience, our intentions moving forward, along with a

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Time for a Break


So the time has come for us to take a break.  We’ve spun out 16 episodes in a row and it’s now time to put into practice some self love and R & R. This week – we don’t leave

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Next Tuesday

End of Season

Can you believe it? We shot series two of healthtalks at the end of last year and we’ve almost reached the end.  Time has flown for us all here at healthtalks and we’ve really found our groove with our weekly

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