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Yesterday we visited the idea of ‘mindful eating’ which many of you have loved the idea of implementing.  In fact one viewer loved it so much she took the time to tell us her thoughts.  And here at healthtalks we love feedback!  Here’s what she said:

Love this conversation girls! So much goodness discussed. Mindfulness is so important (and a big Ayurvedic principle when eating and cooking).
Keep it up!

We love that you are so keen to learn more about how to improve your health – we know it is a constant journey to greater understanding of personal wellness.  So, you’ll understand why we just HAVE to share one of Adele’s recipes with you today.  As Lola and Adele discussed yesterday, putting your heart and soul into food preparation, cooking then eating and being fully present and mindful, takes you to a new level of nourishing your body. If we’re not taking in the full experience then we’re totally missing the point!  Food is to nourish, to support and to heal.  Food is also medicine.

If say we’re parking ourselves in front of the TV eating a bowl of 2 minute noodles, the entire process is lost.  In fact, this can lead to all kinds of outcomes including weight gain and poor health from lack of nutrients.  Always being mindful of your food, your environment and your thoughts helps escalate you to this higher understanding.

So here’s a recipe we’d love you apply these principles to.  Feel, smell, get your hands into it. Then let your eyes and nose take you on a journey as you prepare it and then let your senses go wild whilst you indulge!  And by indulge we mean enjoy a nutrient hit!!

Click here to get the full recipe!

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