Probiotics – More to come


In case you hadn’t noticed (where have you been?) this week we’ve been mesmerised by probiotics .

As we had anticipated, the response has been huge and so we thought (in true healthtalks fashion) we needed a couple more tricks up our sleeve to see you into the weekend and have that gut of yours as happy as a culture in yoghurt!

First of all – within a couple of weeks we’re excited to be heading back into the Trupp kitchen with Dorota’s husband Walter. We’ll get up to our elbows in bacteria and demonstrate a number of probiotic and fermented foods for you.  So if after seeing all the information this week you’re ready to begin fermenting but still don’t know how to get started, Walter will have it covered.

Also, regulars over on Nat’s blog may have already caught this pair in a duo of podcasts a month or so back. But for those of you who haven’t, we thought that a couple of interviews Nat did with the Trupps may be interesting.  You’ll find them here:

The probiotics topic IS red hot and now hopefully we’ve shed some light as to why.   Having a little knowledge on this subject and being able to introduce probiotics to balance your bodies is essential as it forms the foundation of your health.  Remember – you’re in control of your health.  Enjoy the ride!

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