Why I Eat Clay


On my blog, I’ve spoken about how drinking a spoonful of clay in water is part of my daily morning routine.   Yesterday, you may have seen just how simple it is and by far, the quickest detox trick around.  If you missed it, you can watch the segment here.


“Clay contains the minerals and energy that the defense mechanism needs; it improves bowel function and detoxifies the body of pollutants.” – John Tilden, M.D

According to the book The Clay Cure by Ran Knishinsky, clay can be credited with healing a wide range of illnesses. These include constipation, diarrhea, anemia, chronic infections, skin ailments such as eczema and acne, heavy-metal poisoning, exposure to pesticides and other toxins, arthritis, and stress.

The particles of clay are said to carry a negative electrical charge, whereas impurities, or toxins, carry a positive electrical charge. When we eat clay, the positively charged toxins are attracted by the negatively charged edges of the clay mineral. An exchange reaction occurs where the clay swaps its ions for those of the other substance. Electrically satisfied, it holds the toxin in suspension until the body can eliminate both.

In layman’s terms: We eat the clay, the clay binds to toxins, and then we poop the toxins and the clay out.

Still Think I’m Nuts? People have actually been eating clay for yonks. In fact, over two hundred cultures world wide eat dirt on a daily basis. In Europe, clay is sold for its gastrointestinal benefits and its purification properties. It’s just that for some reason, the idea of eating dirt disgusts most westerners – even though we are more than happy to consume pesticides, herbicides, chlorinated and fluoridated water, meats pumped with hormones and antibiotics, and other synthetic substances disguises as food. That’s all the more reason why we should be eating clay, if you ask me!

Animals eat clay. They are instinctively drawn to clay and many herbivorous animals will eat clay after ingesting herbs loaded with tannins, a toxic substance.


It’s actually more like drinking than eating. Each morning, I dissolve a teaspoon or two of edible earth in a cup of water, and then drink it down. I was a little weary at first, but the taste is totally inoffensive and it’s very easy to drink.

Look for either Bentonite or Montmorillonite. These are the most common and most sought after clays that are suitable for eating. Their ability to adsorb and absorb toxins is greater than that of the clays in the other groups.

Anyway – I hope you’re now fully informed. And as I have often said to Nat – “Give it a Go”!

Jess x

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6 comments on “Why I Eat Clay
  1. Amy says:

    Hi Jess! Im really interested on buying some bentonite clay as I have been struggling with bowel problems and suffering from bloating, gas, constipation etc and this sounds like it could help with these symptoms.. I just was wondering can you drink any type of bentonite clay or is there a particular type you can only ingest.. i have found a few online sites that sell it but they only promote its external use so i just wasn’t sure if it was safe to drink? Can you even suggest places or sites that I might be able to purchase this?

    Keep up the amazing work that you do! i find it so interesting and love finding out new ways to help keep the body healthy!

  2. Gayle Fassler says:

    Pains that are due to bloating will feel sharp and cause the stomach to cramp. These pains may occur anywhere in the body and can change locations quickly…’;;

    Kind regards

  3. heather says:

    I love you girls. so fun and helpful!! I bought the clay and did a mask last night. Starting a detox regimen today :) Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I bought my clay from http://www.bulkherbstore.com

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