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You know by now, I’m all hands up about womens health, fertility and helping women to best understand their bodies. This year on my blog – I posted a series on the pill, why women need to be educated about it and its long term effects.

Needless to say these posts stirred up quite a lot of conversation about the ill effects women had experienced and their anger toward the lack of education around the pill.

So today, I want to revisit this post because it’s not only what women want to know – it’s all about the NEED to know. It’s for your sister, your daughter, your cousin and your friends. Women need to be educated so that they can make the best decision about their own bodies because really nobody knows a woman, more than herself.

And remember – if you feel your body is failing you, it most likely isn’t – it’s speaking to you. So best you listen carefully to find the best solution.

Here’s the post on my blog.

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