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Yesterday Lola and Nat worked through their thoughts on cleansing and from the response here and on Facebook there’s a lot of interest in the topic.

Nat’s been running cleansing programs via her site for two years now and with each round of cleansing, she gets more and more on board. She tells us how she has been blown away not only by the hundreds of people who have joined in on the fun but the overwhelming response she receives during and after each event – people just love a good body cleanse.  Not only is it good for your insides, but Nat especially loves it because it helps give her patients a good fertility kick!  Here’s what she tells people interested in participating in her program.

So how does cleansing make you more fertile?  Here’s the deal. 

Eating for fertility and fueling your hormones is key in the long run (think my ebook Fertilise Yourself ) and loving your body that little bit extra and giving it a shake up every now and again is going to get that gut of yours so happy – it has no other option but to work better.  If you’ve read Fertilise Yourself, you’ll understand just how important good gut function is to ensure that the maximum in nutrients are scooting around that body of yours.

The gut is the pivot of your health.  If you missed the healthtalks clip “We Love Your Guts”, you might want to take a look and get the low down on just how important your digestive system is. We also touch on fertility and making totally healthy babies -it’s a good one.

My gentle cleanse really is an easy, basic cleanse that anybody can do at any stage of their life.  It’s structured to support you through 5 days of getting your digestive system really clean.  You may not know that plaque and gunk build up even in healthy guts, as a means to protect the body. It does this to trap toxic matter, helping to make sure you don’t get sick.  The toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, be it in the air we breathe, the water we wash in, even some of the foods we eat, take their toll and will without doubt make us sluggish.  And so because we don’t live our lives in bubble wrap, we have to find ways, such as cleansing, to help our bodies have a good clean out every now and again.”

Nat suggests that you consider cleansing through the warmer months of the year and skip this type of detoxification in winter.  That doesn’t mean however she doesn’t have a few tricks up her sleeve while it’s cold – one she wants to share with you today.  Here’s a recipe that features heavily in Nat’s cleanses – it’s her most sort after recipe.  Enjoy making her Red Pumpkin Curry.

Red Pumpkin Curry


Red Pumpkin

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