Bikram Yoga – It’s HOT


Today we’re coming to you from Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale.  You’ll see Lola in her absolute element as she shows Adele and Nat what Bikram is all about.

We debunk a few myths about Bikram too when we talk about dehydration, why Bikram is different from other yoga practices and why you may find yourself in tears during a class !

Lola gets ‘down and diggy’ with it on the mat and shows us what it is all about.

Are you a Bikram fan?  What makes you love it (or dislike it).  Tell us your experience in the comment section below and as always – share us with all of your friends!

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2 comments on “Bikram Yoga – It’s HOT
  1. Clare says:

    Hi Ladies,
    I am still not sure what to wear or drink in the class. Or if I will get dehydrated. Perhaps those bits were edited out?

  2. Milan says:

    She – I looooooooooooove the phtooshoot! Gosh! I love love! Ugh!Oh! Yeah,there’s this song, The One He Kept For Me by Maurette Brown Clark. It’s funny but I’ve never heard it, only heard of it and read the lyrics, which are gorgeous! You should check it out! All the best with your search!

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