I’m the Mad One


You may have picked up the fact that not all of here are totally keen on Quinoa.

Yes it’s me, Nat!

When it comes to Quinoa, I have a wow of a time trying to digest that little seed.  You may recall Sam’s discussion with Mel in this weeks segment as to how for some people, quinoa is quite abrasive on the gut.  I fall into that ‘some’ group.
I’ve never been one to have a lot of Quinoa.  I’d eat it maybe once a month and didn’t pay much attention to the situation until our last healthtalks shoot when we had an array of quinoa inspired dishes left for us to enjoy at the end of the filming session. We were literally drowning in quinoa!  I was tuckered out and hungry and so on autopilot, I dived in head first the food after we wrapped.  By the time I got home, I was struggling.  I looked 6 months pregnant, I was windy and uncomfortable.  For me, grains (and seeds of this kind) are super hard for my gut to process and so really I’m just better off leaving them alone.

Quinoa because of it’s makeup can impair the gut and even damage the gut lining.  There are studies that suggest there are several processes quinoa provokes in the body that can lead to an inflammatory responses.  So depending on the condition of your gut, this may be food for thought – weighing up what foods work for you and why.  As we’ve learnt here at healthalks, when gut function is compromised we open our bodies up to a host of issues including leaky gut, poor immunity, digestive issues, irritable bowel, fertility troubles …..  the list goes on!

What’s most important to know is that you as an individual are in charge of what works for your own unique body.  As we’ve seen, Mel is mad for quinoa and my body is mad at me when I have it.  It’s up to you to work out what you need and why you need it so we encourage you to listen to what your body is telling you.  Only you know how you feel or if you’re like me can recall how long you had to sit in the bathroom in order to feel human again after having eaten quinoa.

So there you go. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this – does quinoa upset your stomach?  Do you eat it every day like Mel or is it best left on the ‘out’ list like me?  Whatever your situation, share this information around – it helps your friends become educated and take the drivers seat on that crazy ride called life.

Nat x

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