Looking Beyond Eating Disorders


This week Nat and Lola join us in a discussion into the reality of Eating Disorders and how you can help to turn your life around.

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3 comments on “Looking Beyond Eating Disorders
  1. Tracy says:

    Hi beautiful ladies,
    Thanks so much for sharing Lola it takes a lot of courage to talk about such a personal story and especially on tv. I am 36 and too have battled an eating disorder and extreme distorted self image since about the age of five. My teenage years and 20′s were when I was at my worst as I started off not eating at all and then when my parents started worrying and talking me to counselling I then switched to binge eating and bulimia so they would think I was ok and i could easily hide it. Now in my 30′s I still binge eat secretly (although don’t purge anymore unless I’ve gone over the top) but i am still preoccupied (which feels like every second of the day) about what i should be eating, how i look and what diet I should be following to regain my health especially now i have a 21mth old son) unfortunately now the mistreating of my body for over 20 years with fad diets and binge eating etc is starting to wear in my body. I hate the fact that I am like this and I feel embarrassed that I am so superficial and worry about such things when there are so many people worse off, i should be grateful for everything i have. I just don’t know how to fix it, and I unfortunately can’t afford to see a specialist at $170 an hour and just don’t feel comfortable talking to family and friends as they just don’t understand. Thanks for suggesting the butterfly foundation I think I will start there and see what help is available as I’m really determined to beat this. Thanks again for sharing your story Lola and giving me the inspiration to move forward an heal his demon once and for all, much love xx

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