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It’s not everyday that you get expert advice like we share on healthtalks.  But here we are again.  Today Nat shares with Mel and Jess all her tips on Ovulation, how to know when you are most fertile and answers the big question that’s on most women’s minds -how to avoid pregnancy using your natural cycle.

It’s Nat in action on her specialist topic this week and this is one you will absolutely need to share because every single woman needs to know this. So share it around, like it and please leave us some comments to create an awesome discussion around it – because we suspect you’ll have some questions.

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8 comments on “Natural Contraception & Ovulation
  1. Anna says:

    Me and my husband have been using The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor for a year now and it has worked wonderfully to prevent pregnancy. I was curious to know what your opinion is of these types of fertility monitors?

    • Nat says:

      I’m not opposed to them at all – I actually blogged about these once too. They seem good.

  2. Ebonny says:

    Great segment! I loved it. Very interested in this topic. I found it very helpful. Thank you. xo

  3. Jenni says:

    Really interesting segment! I feel like there are so many more things I want you to talk about when it comes to mucus secretion, menstrual cycles, etc. There aren’t very many good, reliable health-conscious sources that I’ve found that don’t want to push the pill to regulate hormones and cycles. That being said, I came off the pill last September because I realized how badly it was destroying my hormonal cycle. I was so moody and depressed, and my emotions could change at the flip of a switch. Plus, I had absolutely no libido. I know it takes awhile for our bodies to reset after coming off the pill, but now it’s been six months and my cycles are still incredibly irregular. I will have one day of spotting around the 26th day and then not get an actual period for 15 to 20 more days! Is my body still resetting from the pill this long after coming off? Or should I be worried about something else? What are lifestyle changes I can make to help my cycle become more regular?

    • Nat says:

      That spotting you speak of – that is ovulation. So bearing this in mind, you can work out that most likely you need to strengthen oestrogen to also build progesterone. This may be done best under the guidance of your natural health care practitioner. Maca can be a good way to get the ball rolling.

  4. Katherine says:

    Hi Nat, great clip :-)
    I went off the pill several years ago and in the 12 months afterwards I only had my period about 3 times and consequently discovered I have PCOS. I’m back on the pill now (Yasmin is the recommended treatment for me) and have been for 4 or 5 years. I was wondering how long it normally takes for the body to go back to normal after stopping the pill? I am loosing weight so that when i stop taking the pill again hopefully I will have regular periods because I want to get pregnant in the next few years. Thanks :-)

  5. Sharpie says:

    Hi, I am so into this stuff at the moment and last December I decided after being incredibly moody and depressed that I would go off the pill. I had been on it for 7 years straight without a break. It is now six months later and I am yet to see a sign of a period. People mention they getting spotting etc I have had nothing! My doctor seems to brush it off every time I mention it but I’m starting to become really concerned. Is this along time to not have a period? Am I infertile? I never had any issues before I went on the pill I just did so because it was the popular thing to do. Only just discovered this page and I LOVE it. Thanks girls

  6. Sienna Matthews says:

    Can you please do a segment for how to come off the pill.

    I have been on it for 18 years with a break while having 2 kids. I want to get off it but not sure how to.

    Do you just stop? Are you supposed to stop at a certain time of the month?
    I have no idea with this sort of thing.

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