The Wellness Guys

When the idea healthtalks was first conceived, we decided to make a limited number of segments to “test the water” so to speak and we finished up with a group of 7 segments in total.  That means that this week we should be presenting the last of this pilot series to you and then taking a break to look back and see how things have gone. But the response so far has been amazing and we really don’t want to stop. So we decided to put together at least two more shows before we take a break. Here is the first of the extras and it’s a bit unusual.

Just over a week ago, three of us sat up late on a Sunday night and hooked up on the internet to record a podcast alongside The Wellness Guys. This show went live for them last Monday and some of you may have already tuned in. However we thought that we could lift out some highlights and present them to our ever growing audience as well – but as a sort of a podcast meets video !  We know you’ll enjoy what the whole crew has to say.

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